Our Story

Fine Children's Clothing Since 1938

The Concord Children's Shop opened for business on December 1st 1938. It was started by three Concord matrons to fill a "void" in the local children's clothing scene by providing the finest children's apparel that could be found. In 1940 Louisa Alcott Kussin, a relative of Louisa May Alcott, author of "Little Women", assumed sole ownership of the business and she and her husband ran the store, for the next seven years, at various locations in Concord center.

In 1947 The Concord Children's Shop opened at its present location on the Milldam, at 79 Main Street. Some few years later as the business expanded to include women's clothing, the name of the business was changed to: The L.A. Kussin Co. Then in 1972 the second Kussin generation of son Fritz and his wife Gigi took over ownership and the name was changed yet again to: Kussin's, Inc, The Concord Children's Shop.
1947 Exterior and Interior of The Concord Children's Shop
In 2005, the third generation of Kussin's, daughters Louisa and Karen, assumed management of the business. Amidst much fanfare, including a bright new coat of yellow paint, the store name was changed yet again. When the new name of: Fritz and Gigi, The Children's Shop appeared on the sign hanging adjacent to the front walk of the store, it was unanimously agreed that the new name was, by far, the best one of all.
In March 2016, a new family acquired Fritz & Gigi. Tina Napoli Fahey, her husband Jack and children Jake, Chloe and Hazel have carried on the tradition of the brand and are additionally breathing new life into the shop with new lines coming in all the time. Boys has been extended up to size 12 and they have built a wide range for tween girls up to 16. They have felt the support of the community and cherish each and every customer that comes through the door.

 The Fritz & Gigi customer community played a role in a life changing decision for Tina and her family, back in 2017. It was actually a customer who introduced the Fahey family to the opportunity of adopting a new baby from Ethiopia. Something that was on their hearts for some time, was made a reality with the assistance of Tina's customer. Hazel was welcomed home to Concord with the Fahey's and the rest is history.